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AFC Mounted Longwall Face Drill

reduces time and improves Operator safety during a 'Longwall Change'

The award winning RAMBOR AFC Mounted LFD is an innovative solution to the problem of quickly and safely providing strata support to the Longwall Face during a difficult take-off. It utilises the "tried and tested" RAMBOR Longwall Face Drill (LFD) which is trolley mounted onto the Spill / Bretby Tray on the Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC), this can be moved and operated with all Operators on the safer, chock side of the spill tray.

The equipment is designed to break down to 6 main sub-assemblies, all of which can be safely manually handled by 2 or 3 Operators into position around the Shearer and quickly assembled. The RAMBOR AFC Mounted LFD is a stand-alone drill rig, which only requires a single air and water connection so simple to set up and gives increased safety, as removes the risk of having to hook into the high pressure Longwall hydraulic system.

The AFC Mounted LFD has been configured to quickly install the 1.8m HILTI 'OneStep' self drilling bolt, which in difficult strata conditions can limit potentially costly and dangerous 'slump' of unsupported face.


'Highly Commended' in the Innovative Mining Solutions Category of the Australian Mining Prospect Awards (click here for more info)

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