Why the Longwall Face Drill is Your Best Bet Underground

Longwall Face DrillOne of the most versatile drilling systems available in the mining industry at present, the Longwall Face Drill comes packed with features and utilities. It's engineered in such a manner as to be mounted on a Longwall Spill Plate, in order to be able to drill into the Longwall Face.It can also be used for roof bolting as well as radial drilling into rib. When mounted on certain platforms, it is perfectly capable of 360 degree drilling.

In the world of underground mining, transport and storage count for a lot. Even the best, most sophisticated drilling systems won't be much help if they can't be moved and stored swiftly and conveniently. The Longwall Face Drill faces no such problems, thanks to its nifty design which allows the operator to easily disassemble or dismantle the drill and easily transport or store it over long distances or periods in time.

ATRS (Automated Temporary Roof Support) system has become quite popular in the mining industry recently. Roof bolting and drilling are often looked at as dangerous activities with significant threat of injury or even loss of life at times. This is why the Longwall Face Drill comes with remote hand controls which allow the operator to control the machine from a safe distance, away from the area under work or the unsupported strata of rocks.

Fitted with a high-capacity pneumatic motor with enough torque to finish the job and more, the Longwall Face Drill delivers quite a power-packed punch. Its gearbox comes with cap and cone bearings so as to be able to withstand the end loads that come a-calling during the drilling process. To make it even more application-suited, the makers of the Longwall Face Drill can provide you with a variety of motor and leg configurations which will suit the task at hand. Therefore, the versatility of the Longwall Face Drill is absolutely unquestioned.

Combined with the AFS (Armoured Face Conveyor), mounted on a trolley upon the Spill/Bretby Tray, the Longwall Face Drill performs even better. The AFC ensures a safe strata support to the Longwall Face during the process. Being a stand-alone drill, the Longwall Face Drill doesn't require much during the operation, apart from a single water and air connection. This is effective in removing the risk of relying upon a high-pressure hydraulic system. The entire drill mounted on the AFC can be effectively handled by two or three operators at the most. Lightweight, easily assembled and transported, with pneumatic power and easy-to-use controls, the Longwall Face Drill emerges as a strong contender for the 'Most Versatile Drill' award. If only there was one.

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