Drilling Rigs

Longwall Face Drill

one drill, numerous applications!  The "Swiss Army Knife" of underground drilling 

Designed for mounting onto the Longwall Spill Plate and drilling into the Longwall Face, this versatile strata support drill is the basis for the RAMBOR Modular Drilling System. When combined with a stinger leg as the RAMBOR RDR2, the Longwall Face Drill can be used for radial drilling into rib and roof for installation of bolts. Other applications include being mounted from a Manbox for 360 degree drilling.

The use of lightweight composites in the leg construction and clever design allow this equipment to be easily assembled/dismantled and transported for rapid deployment. The Longwall Face Drill features remote hand controls, this allows the equipment's operator to work safely away from unsupported strata.

A robust, high-torque pneumatic motor is at the heart of the Longwall Face Drill. The gearbox is fitted with cone and cap bearings to withstand end loads when drilling. The RAMBOR Longwall Face Drill can be provided in a number of different leg and motor configurations to suit the application.


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