Drilling Rigs

Radial Drill Rig

 a cost effective alternative to mobile drilling rigs - versatile and quick to deploy

The Radial Drill Rig (RDR2) is designed to be used in conjunction with the renowned RAMBOR Longwall Face Drill which is available in different motor and stroke sizes . The use of lightweight composites and clever deign make this pneumatically powered drill rig, a versatile solution for drilling of ribs or roof for bolt installation, dewatering, gas drainage, "P.U.R"ing or similar operations.

When the RDR2 is positioned in the centre of the roadway, the Longwall Face Drill can be rotated from drilling one wall to drill the opposite wall at any angle. The Longwall Face Drill can be raised or lowered in 250 mm increments. The RDR2 'Stinger Leg' can also be set for different heights, from as low as 2100 mm to a maximum of approx 4200 mm with extensions.

For transportation, the Longwall Face Drill can be placed in a vertical position or it can be easily be removed from the RDR2 allowing it to be moved as two main components and quickly set up where required.


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