Economic Use of Rental Roof Bolters

Rambor Rental UnitFirst of all, let's try to understand what roof bolting actually means. Only very few people in the world, or those living under a rock (pun intended) would not have heard the term 'cave-in'. Although ubiquitous in the Queen's English nowadays, it is essentially a mining term. It is used to describe the collapse of the mine roof under which the miners operate, leading to a very dangerous situation, sometimes with fatal consequences. In fact, a cave-in is probably the worst thing that can happen to you in the dangerous world of underground mining, which is saying something.

So where do roof bolters come in? Well, simply put, roof bolters are bolting rigs used to secure the mine roof against such a collapse. Seems easy enough, one would think. But when you're deep underground, with no trusty foundation to rely upon, surrounded by ever-shifting strata of rock, fixing a roof over your head can be a very tough task indeed.

Roof bolters insert bolts into the mine roof by using drills and self-propelled bolting machines. To cut a long and hazardous process short, specialists in roof bolting first support the roof using temporary jacks. After this is done, they use a drill to make holes where the bolts need to be inserted. A self-propelled bolting machine does the drilling job as well as the installation of roof bolts. The holes can't just be made anywhere; the roof needs to be stable, so it is with utmost care and precision that the holes are drilled. After this, the bolt is installed by removing the drill bit and inserting the bolt into the machine, which is then used to force the latter into the hole. After securing the bolt using a chuck to open its head and a turnbuckle to tighten it, they test the tension on the bolt by using a torque wrench. This, in short, is the process that goes behind securing a mine roof.

Keeping economic considerations in mind, rental roof bolters have become quite a popular alternative for those operating on a stringent budget. Bolting machines as well as the men to operate if required, can be hired by the day or week accordingly. This is also a very popular option when it is a one-time job, with no frequent or recurring need for the tools or human resources in question.

Several companies in Australia offer their products and services when it comes to rental roof bolting. In fact, with the inroads the country has made in terms of underground operations, one can expect highly competitive prices to prevail in the market. Therefore, it is best to always shop around a bit before settling upon a particular company which offers you the best deal in terms of equipment.

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