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Angus Place has some of the most challenging roof conditions of any Undeground coalmine in Australia.

A major concern at the mine has been the issue of cavities (guttering) appearing during development driveage. In some areas of the mine large gutters form along the roadway being supported by roof bolts. This results in very difficult conditions to support the strata and is also a time consuming exercise. In the past hand held roof bolters operated out of a QDS work platform were required to support the roof of the cavity areas with their inherent OH&S and time issues.

We have been searching for a solution to this problem and have discussed the issue with several industry suppliers without any success.

At the end of May 2006 we approached RAMBOR Pty Ltd, a southern NSW roof bolter manufacturer, and asked if they were interested in providing a machine that could support the strata before cutting by the Continuous Miner (CM). The idea was to drill and install 2.5m bolts at an approximate angle of 5 degrees to the horizontal into the face at roof level in area of the cavity. This would then break the cycle of guttering and stabilize the roof in the spiled area. The CM would then be able to continue the development cycle with minimum disruption to the development driveage schedule.

The sting in the tail from us [Angus Place] was that it was going to be 9 weeks before we encountered our Wolgan zone and that RAMBOR would have to supply a machine before this 9-week period.

Rambor_Spiling_Rig_Mk1_in use_at_Angus_Place_colliery

In an environment where the coal mining industry is experiencing a "boom" with the subsequent pressures on suppliers we were amazed at what RAMBOR were able to do for us.

Before we encountered the Wolgan zone, concept designs were produced, risk assessments were carried out, all stakeholders were approached and their comments noted and finally a machine was manufactured. With some minor modification to the manufactured unit & operator familiarisation, the Spiling Rig consistently installed 20 Hilti self-drilling roofbolts in an 8 hour shift (including mounting & dismounting of the rig from the CM) with only 2 operators.

The way the machine performed exceeded expectations and we were all very pleased with the end result. For the first time at Angus Place we were able to mine through the Wolgan zone without additional hand held roofbolting of cavities - a major improvement for the development process at the mine.

The exercise also resulted in another first for the industry. The Spiling rig was designed, not only to be able to install standard rigid roofbolts but also Hilti self drilling bolts. The use of the Hilti self drilling bolt not only enhanced the operational efficiency but the safety of the spiling process as well, as all operations were conducted at a safe distance from the face and under supported roof.

In conclusion Angus Place acknowledges the excellent efforts and commitment shown by RAMBOR to successfully complete this project. Their abilities to present 3D design drawings and modify them during scoping and design review meetings was very well received by members of the workforce and enabled rapid and effective design process. We are currently embarking on another two custom design projects with RAMBOR following on from the success of the spiling rig project.

Peter Corbett
Technical Services Manager
Centennial Angus Place

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We wish to advise that our company, and previous companies that I have been involved with, have been using RAMBOR designed and manufactured products for over 10+ years.

During this time we have predominantly used several products from their roof bolter range, rib drills and Trussmaster. We find all of their products operate very well and we have excellent acceptance from our operators as far as performance and operability are concerned. We also appreciate RAMBOR's preparedness to listen to our comments and feedback on product applications and requirements.

We have no hesitation in recommending RAMBOR for their range of products and their complete service offering.

RGN MINING SERVICE PTY. LTD. is primarily a strata support contractor that provides a number of contract services to NSW coal mines. We install rigid steel bolts and also flexible cable and mega bolts ranging in length up to 11m.

Ron Nielsen
General Manager
RGN Mining Services Pty Ltd.
July 2006

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