Handheld Roofbolters

Top Mount Roofbolter

the lowest "total cost of ownership" bolting drill on the market

The RAMBOR Top Mount Roofbolter is World renowned for its performance and reliability, making it the benchmark product when comparing handheld pneumatic drills for installation of strata support roof bolts.

Designed specifically for use in underground coal mine and tunneling applications, the Top Mount Roofbolter is manufactured wholly in Australia using high quality steel, plastic and composite materials. The Top Mount is lightweight and quick to set up, allowing it to be easily moved and operated where needed.

The RAMBOR Top Mount Roofbolter can be provided in a range of different motor/gearbox configurations to suit the application. Leg sizes range from 600mm to 1500mm to fit to seam heights between 1 to 4.5m.


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