Delving Into The Depths Of Underground Drilling Equipment

High Seam Drilling RigMining industry specialists have unanimously remarked that the underground drilling equipment of the future will be built on a far grander scale than those that operate today. This is mostly due to the simple fact that continual drilling has necessitated the search for natural resources such as oil, natural gas and fossil fuels to even greater depths. This raises many concerns on an environmental and geological level, whereas drill suppliers have to brainstorm more sophisticated innovations whilst keeping the aforementioned concerns in mind. Some of the factors that are constantly being researched and improved upon are the speed and accuracy with which such drills operate.

Other areas of improvement include wider use of low profile underground drilling equipment along with a growth in block caving. While overall efficiency standards are definitely improving as the years pass, the need for automation has become crucial due to skill shortages that arise in specific areas of drill functioning.

There are many kinds of underground drilling equipment available today, and to study them all would make for quite an exhaustive article, or shall we say tome. Some drills are freestanding pneumatic drill systems which are used to install bolts and heavy roof cables. With multiple pneumatic cylinders and stinger legs that can power up and down, these drills are able to deliver a deep stroke while not getting stuck in the roof in the process of moving from one drilling position to the next. These drills are also significantly automated so as to increase productivity and operator control and minimize risk to life.

High and Low Seam Drills are also available in the drilling market of Australia, where some companies have engineered innovative designs that are custom-made for the country's terrains. These high/low seam drills are capable of drilling at all angles on a 360 degree basis, making for plenty of convenience for the operator. Ideally suited for machine mounted platforms, these drills come with a high-quality drilling carriage that offers the deepest possible drill stroke while providing suitable height extensions. Along with that, they also come with dual stinger legs which can power up and down for swift deployment to multiple drilling positions in a short span of time.

However, such high-performance underground drilling equipment have also been economically manufactured, trying to keep purchase and maintenance costs at the shallow end. A stainless steel construction frame which offers plenty of solidity while not asking for much in terms of maintenance is usually the standard by reputed drill manufacturing companies. For transportation of the drill, these companies also provide a removable buggy which can quickly move the drill from one position to the next and can be detached when the drill needs to be deployed.

Versatile drill rigs can perform a variety of tasks, from roof bolt installation to gas drainage and dewatering. Rotatable clamps and remote handheld controls make for a convenient drilling process to boot.

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